This is the most recent picture of the tank (08.11.2008):

Launch date: June 16, 2008.

Dimensions (W H D): 14" x 9" x 9" / 35 x 24 x 24 cm

Volume: 20 l./4 gal./5 US gal.

Aquarium type: Tropical freshwater community

Fish/Invertebrates: Stocking rule - Maximum of 5 cm / 4.55 liter = 22 cm in total. - PFK

4x (3F, 1M ?) Otocinclus affinis (Oto) - - info 1, 2) 4*3.8 = 14.8 cm
6x (3F, 3M)Boraras Brigittae (Dwarf Rasbora) 6*2.5 = 15 cm
4x (2F, 2M ?) Neocaridina Heteropoda (Cherry Shrimp)
4x (?) Caridina multidentata (Amano Shrimp)
1x Crossocheilus siamensis (Siamese Algae Eater - guest only)

TOTAL: 29.8 cm (SAE not incl.) Both Otos and Cherry Shrimps are really light on the Bio-load.

Plants: (1) Hemianthus Callittrichoides, (2) Hemianthus Micranthemoides (BG right), Utricularia Graminifolia

Filtration: Eheim Professional 2222 external filter. Volume: 2.3l. Suitable for tanks up to 150l. Filter load: original. Max Flow Rate: 500 lph. Flow Rate with Load: 350 lph. Cal Aqua glass nano lily pipe set used for filter inflow/outflow. 12/16 mm clear tubing. Last filter cleaning: Aug. 09., Sept. 11., Sept. 22., Oct. 8 (Upgrade from Classic 2211), Oct. 26.

Lighting: 11W Compact Tube (original Tetra - 9000K white), 2 * 6W T5 fluorescent lamps with reflectors (DIY mounting - 4100K yellow). On for 9 hours/day 2PM-11PM with Brennenstuhl digital timer. Total illumination: 5.75 WPG (Watts Per UK Gallon) or 300 PAR or 180 PUR (source: - 200 PAR or 120 PUR). Wattage Calc.

Water Heating/Cooling: Hydor ETH 200 external heater with 12 mm int. hose. Small 12V 4x4cm fan (running on 6V for lower noise-levels) for water surface cooling. It decreases water temperature by at least 3° C.

Decor: Grey Alabama Stones (much like Seiryu Stones) Background: Black paint.

Substrate: 1cm thick Dennerle FloreDepot and Sera Substrate mix, 5 kg (4 cm thick) Africa Black Gravel on top.

Water Parameters: PH 7.2, KH 9, GH 16, Nitrate 10 mg/l, Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, Temp.: 26-28° C.

Carbon Dioxide: Pressurized CO2 system with Dennerle Crystal-Line (glass) drop checker, bubble counter and diffuzor. Dennerle Profi Line check valve. 350g CO2 bottle from Aqua Light (filled bottle pressure on 23°C: 75 bar, working pressure: 2 bar), Dennerle solenoid valve (on 1 hour before lights on and off 15 minutes before lights off). 70-80 bubbles/minute initially. Increased to 134 BPM (75 new BPM). 170 BPM produced toxic effects. . CO2 level 30 mg/l??? (calc.)

Plant Fertilizing (daily) / Water Treatment: Easy Life - Easy Carbo (1ml or 20 drops - manufacturer recommendation: 1ml/50l/day, George Farmer recommendation: 1ml/20/day), Tropica Plant Nutrition+ (2 ml or 40 drops - manufacturer: 5ml/50l/week, , SuperColey1 recommendation: 2ml/1WPG/100l ex.: 2ml*5.2WPG*20/100 = 2.08ml/day). Weekly 50% water change (calc.) with syphoning and Easy Life - Easy Life water treatment, dechlorination (3.5ml/10l - normal: 10ml/30l).

EI nutrient concentrations (in PPM):

NutrientMy ValuesEI Range
NO341.35 - 30
PO42.171 - 3
K26.610 - 30

Shops: Fish, Invertebrates and some of the plants from and in Vienna (AT). Technology from in Klagenfurt (AT) and from Dennerle (GE). Tank, CO2 bottle and the rest of the plants from Budapest (HU) and Tatabanya (HU), glassware and fertilizers from AquaEssentials (UK).

Tank published on Practical Fishkeeping and UKAPS.

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